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                                                                    (Music "Monument Feel" by Julien Tekeyan for "KRANK")


A quest for identity



Maï’s father sends her from Berlin to Paris to stay with an uncle she barely knows, Isaac, who works with young drug addicts. Treacherous new friends cross paths with Maï, but just when she seems to be doomed, she is rescued. She discovers a secret so terrible it has the power to change the course of her life.


The characters



Maï’s identity was constructed on a lie, almost from the beginning.          

Regardless of where she goes or what she does,

Maï is constantly tormented by pain so insistent it is soothed only

by drugs.

But when she kicks her habit, she again becomes aware

she is trapped in a psychological impasse.

Desperate, she is forced to confront and vanquish her inner demons. 


Isaac is Maï’s uncle. He is surrounded by mystery.

He seems to be an altruistic crusader for the worthy cause      

of helping young heroin addicts quit using,

but we wonder what drives his dedication. His erratic behavior,

expressing some deep discomfort lurking inside,

also arouses our curiosity.



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